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My only goal is to bring out the best in you

& capture your love. I’ll forever

be in love with capturing those natural, heightened



I'm all about delivering a calm and confident experience

so that when you look back on your beautiful photos years from now you’ll feel that same rush of joy that you felt as you approached the altar, cut the cake and danced until dawn.


Hi, I’m Claudine. I’ve been shooting weddings all over the world for over 10 years and do you know what I’ve learned? It’s all about TRUST.

I’ll trust you to enjoy every second of your wedding day, safe in the knowledge that all of the beauty, hilarity and chaos is being captured by my camera for you to treasure forever.

I’m a card-carrying globetrotter, but thanks to COVID-19 I’m currently cordoned off in the U.K. Once things are back up and running and us destination photographers can actually reach our desired locations, I'll be based between the UK and beautiful Perth, Australia. I'm a traveller at heart so I'm happy to shoot anywhere in this wide world!

I know how much investment you’re putting into your wedding day. I also know that choosing a photographer is no small decision.

Rest assured I’ll be there for you every step of the way, from our initial meeting to that final electric walk down the aisle - whether it’s in a field, a clifftop or a church.

It’s your love story...but you can trust me to tell it.

Let’s start planning the best day of your life.

Welcome to

Momentscaptured Photography.



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