Facebook eh? So What about it? Is it another online programme that will enhance our lives? Whats its Longevity? Is just a cheap easy way for us all to keep in contact with our long lost/forgotten friends instead of writing on paper with ink or is it an important part of our generation?
I received an email from a friend on mine this morning and the subject matter was : “F*ing Facebook” Its made me laugh and made me realise that an enormous amount of online contact facilities i.e. Friends Reunited etc are like new gadgets. They are fun but become increasingly irritating when they don’t work properly and therefore create more frustration and stress than pleasure… Is the “techno generation” forever? I sent a friend of mine a paper letter to New York a few weeks ago and she said she was greatly moved by my effort in sending it to her. A Proper paper letter! Wow how romantic.. its a shame that we’ve lost our knack for writing and sending love letters in the mail. Is it gone forever? Are our efforts online just a traceable irritation? Or are we going to be forever geeks? Always evolving to the next “techno- communicado” piece of software?….