Wedding Photography Brighton: The person behind the wedding photographer #1.

May 20, 2013

Getting to know me as a  Brighton wedding photographer

So when I meet my clients and show them my work, nowadays its not just about the images Ive taken or my albums, but who I am as a wedding photographer. When a client comes back to me after scouring the very large pool of photographers for the right person for their wedding day, there are a number of reasons why they come back. Definitely my style of wedding photography which is photo journalistic, classic and emotional; But mostly they say they’ve come back because they like me as a person which is lovely. What a treat to be chosen because of your personality and not just your images or experience. Maybe its too hard nowadays because there’s so many wedding photographers out there to choose from? (There’s plenty of weddings to go around though!)

Weddings are Something Special

When I first started, I was one of a few, shooting on film, offering something special (I am a woman to start with!- not many female wedding photographers out there then!) and I told (and still do)  the story of the day, instead of just taking formal photographs and portraits. Anyway, it all brings me back to my original point. Its about who I am as a person.

Couples say they want someone who “fits in” to their day. So here’s a chance to get to know me better. Ill be posting snippets from my favourite things in life, things that move me, people I’ve met who inspire me, things that help you get to know me… I’ll be at one of the most important days of your life so here I am!….


From left to right..

1. Favourite T-shirt at the moment! Made by Purusha People on Etsy the best yoga clothes- want to buy the whole shop-relaxed and so soft. (Colour has run a bit but who cares)

2. My mums ring- she gave it to me (OK, I was having a rummage in her jewellery box and she caught me) at the weekend. Its so retro classic and I love it.

3. This is an emotional one…So when I go to my Mums house I always have a little moment snooping about in my Dads old things. I think it makes me feel like I’m closer to him for a moment, and I always find something I like or am surprised to find something he kept of mine or my sisters. I sit on the side of his bed and pick up his things and my Mum always gives me something of his. So here’s his retro original Ray-Bans and a few old black and white images of him as a young man. Big Love Dad x

4. Books, books, books. Whenever I move home the removal people stare at my bookcase and then look at me as if I’m mad. OK so I have a lot of books. I may not read all the time now (who has the time!?) but I love to flick through whenever I have a moment and shift the books around the house so that the ones I’m flicking though are in the front room or by my bed so I can see them all the time. Here’s the latest stack..

5. One of my favourite places to escape to is the Baliffscourt Hotel and spa. An amazing venue for weddings actually. Perfect location for wedding portraits and they have beautiful four poster beds to slumber in. They have a sweet little walk down to the sea to a secluded beach, perfect for pebble throwing.

6. All things vintage. I have this sign in my kitchen. Cheers me up (of course!) and people always ask me where I got it. Cant remember but I’m always collecting little things. (Need a bigger house.)