Claire and Matt, Chichester 3rd June

July 18, 2012

Ah Claire and Matt, what can I say? You two are funny and crazy and 100 miles an hour but oh so in love. Arriving at your parents to watch you and your girls get ready was fun and relaxing Claire, especially with the unveiling of your “Jubilee shoes!” V COOL.

Arriving at the church was extra special because Claire’s mum was taking the service “marrying” her daughter. How wonderful. Claire, surrounded by her Dad, Matt and her lovely Mum; what a fantastic loving place to be at the front of the altar. She must have felt so secure and loved.

After a tear jerking ceremony, the congregation went back to the hotel where everyone relaxed and watched Matt and Claire effortlessly greet their guests. After a VERY funny best mans speech that evening, I was surprised with a big Happy Birthday song, really thoughtful and I have to admit I had had tear in my eye. Thanks guys.

You two are brilliant together and I mean that in the true sense of the word. Congratulations and I’ll see you soon. x