Having worked in the wedding business for over 10 years, working on both digital and film, I have learnt over the years how to manage both mediums during a full wedding day.

I believe that as photographers, we need to be true to our own story and style at the same time as creating beautiful foundations for other peoples stories to emerge from.


When I was learning, I didn't have the back of the screen to look at. I had to trust myself implicitly.

Do you want to take your business to the next level and find out what really inspires you instead of reacting to trends?

Do you sometimes feel stuck and not sure what to add or amend to make your ideal clients find you?

I offer courses, 1-1 mentoring and masterclasses that will help to inspire you to tell people stories at the same time as telling your own.

Think of me more as a guide who can help you get through the jungle of weddings and photographers out there, and start to refine not just your style, but your practical offering to wedding clients.

Some of the issues that people come to me with are:

•Taking a leap from employed to self-employed and what that exactly means as a photographer.

•How to break into the luxury wedding market and maintain your ideal clients

•How to run a photography business with kids and no other income (It can be done!)

•How to utilise social media to support you without becoming obsessed with the everyday posting.

scottish elopement

By taking the Film Course you are stepping into a box of delights that draw out the creative storytelling in you which demands trust in yourself as a photographer.

My signature 4 week course

With the emergence of filters and “film-like” layers and presets, more photographers are focused on offering a more pure medium for their photography packages.

So many photographers are now asking questions about starting film and how to incorporate film into their already successful wedding packages.

If found that so many are just not sure where to start.

Film, negatives, developing and printing is where we started. So incorporating this medium into your business whether its instant film or medium format 35mm or a rangefinder is not an easy or quick fix. It's a commitment.

My course is here to remind you to get back to basics and to start trusting in your instincts more by using film cameras. Being more intentional about your shoot days, planning and improving your craft overall is the key to adding a new dimension to your packages.

• To start shooting on film but youre not sure where to start with which camera, film and equipment to start with?

• To incorporate film into your packages but not sure how to?

• To know how to start shooting film alongside digital?

• To make sure your style and workflow make sense and represent your story as a photographer?


Free download

How To Start adding film to your wedding packages

7 tips to adding film to your wedding photography packages

This guide takes you through the beginning steps of how to start shooting film at weddings alongside your usual medium with tips and advice about buying a film camera and developing film.

Kick start your growing film obsession with this free guide.


One on one

Having worked in the wedding photography industry for over 15 years now I have decided to support others in their journey into and during their wedding photography career.

My mentoring sessions are 1-1 and focused on what YOUR goals are.

Whether you are contemplating starting weddings or are looking to revamp your business or are wanting to add specific elements to your packages, I can help.

I work with you 1-1 in 60-minute zooms/meetings to create a strategic plan for yourself and your business.

Contact me to receive a quote dependent on your needs as a photographer.

starting at £300

3 mentoring retreats in one year.

•Retreat 1- PARIS OCTOBER 2022

•Retreat 2- LONDON OCTOBER 2022

•Retreat 2- NYC DECEMBER 2022

Both cover film advice and mentoring, overnight stays, and 4 luxury styled shoots throughout the retreat.



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