Your Brighton wedding photography- The moments in between…

July 11, 2013

So. Before I get lost in a whirlwind of Summer weddings and developing and albums, I wanted to share some thoughts about Moments. I’m always striving to create a storybook effect from weddings that I shoot. Shooting and catching bits that are not expected, noticing the moments in between.

photographing Brighton weddings, to me isn’t just about filling up my summer and sitting at my desk, its about making sure that my clients have a record of their day. Not just the formal shots and the “traditional” images that have been taken at weddings for years and years, but an archive of images that they can look back on to reflect on their day and their love for each other in that moment. It’s almost become a project for me. I’m fascinated by the plans we make to spend the rest of our lives together, for better or worse. I hear the vows over and over week after week. Why do I not get bored? Why do we still have a tear in my eye? Because I’m in love with this process and that’s why I do it. Wedding photography isn’t a quick and easy way to make money. (Budding amateurs beware!) You cant just go and buy yourself a camera , fill it with memory and snap away until you get something you like. Thats called winging it!  I shoot carefully, considerately, picking my shots, making sure that I’m capturing moments. The important ones that we expect and the moments in between.

Wedding photographs should reflect a moment in your life that you said something and meant it. Whatever happens from this moment on- you still had this day. You made a decision to be together and having photographs to capture that is pretty important.


Here’s some of my favourite moments…

From Left to right:

1. Amy seeing her Dad for this first time that morning…(lump in throat)

2. Claire and Matt. These two- seriously perfect for one another. Always laughing.

3. Jason’s Best man. His ears and his speech. Bloody hilarious.

4. Charlotte and her lovely new husband.. SO cute in Richmond Park

5. Another Charlotte, Regents Park walk.

6. Penny and Russell at her parents home. Always grinning…