London wedding photography: Pre Wedding portraits..

October 11, 2011

Its really worth meeting up before the big day to have Pre-Wedding images taken. Not just to get used to your photographer (hopefully me!) but also its not really that often that you’re photographed together seriously. (And Facebook photos taken in a club after midnight really don’t count.)

I find that many people are quite nervous about the “Portraits” part of their wedding day. So many people think that they are not “Photogenic” but truly, (and I’m not just saying this) no one is “un-photogenic”. (in my opinion) Especially not on your wedding day! Its one of the happiest days of your life and the last thing you are thinking about it what your smile looks like, you just smile. And feel happy. And it shows.

Hopefully you feel at your most natural and comfortable with your spouse-to-be, so having a pre wedding portrait is not just a romantic “last photo before the big day” moment but a reminder of why you’re doing it.

Because you fit. Because you love each other. Because you are at home with each other. And its my job to capture that.
pre-wedding portraits are part of all my packages now. Do it.