Sussex wedding photographer: Sarah and Adam

October 25, 2011

My assistant and I made the long drive to Kidderminster, and arrived at the fantastic Park hall Country House in Worcestershire, a wonderfully set house with rolling hills surrounding it. We found Sarah and her family getting ready in a beautifully lit blue room at the side of the house, a sweeping staircase leading down to a thoughtfully decorated and homely country house.

Sarah is one of those people you aspire to be like, sweet and unassuming and really uplifting. She really enjoyed the process of getting ready for her big day, and as the dress went on, there was a moment of realisation (the moment that I love) that she was about to marry her beau.

Her Dad led her down the staircase and her and Adam tied the knot in a room next to their charmingly decorated marquee and their guests enjoyed a short drink outside before the heavens opened in true British fashion.

The rain didn’t spoil a thing as I met them outside in the evening sun before their meal for some portraits, in perfect light.

Adam and Sarah truly are a splendid couple and I’m wishing them lots of years together… x