I’ve shot so many weddings now as a Sussex wedding photographer and as the new wedding season arrives, I’m looking forward to travelling around the country and world to capture more couples’ special days. I get asked many things on the day of the wedding, like how to tie a cravat to how and which side to place the buttonhole. I have made a mental note of these things so that I can be of help in these last moments where nerves sometimes kick in.


Being a Brighton wedding photographer is not just about taking images at the wedding but being part of the day , making sure you notice all the small things.


One thing I always get asked, usually at meetings with the couple before the wedding is “Whats my advice for a successful wedding?” I truly believe that if you focus on the right details and break routine to create a unique event that neither breaks the bank nor absorbs your lives, you will have a happy, fulfilling day. And if youre happy and you let go, the images will justify all of your hard work and love….