“Where are you based?” Im asked a lot when I speak to potential clients who are interested in booking me as the London Photographer for their wedding. Im always confused, because to me, there is no limit. As you can see from one of my earlier posts, Ive been to Italy, also France, Scotland, Devon.. the list is endless. Im even going to Australia this Spring. So the answer is Im based everywhere!

Sure I live in Brighton, so of course, when I shoot a wedding in this area then Im home earlier but this is not a preference for me. In fact, its lovely to travel to a wedding, this means most of your guests have travelled too and its a nice experience for everyone. Including the photographer!


Myself and my second London photographer once travelled to Austria over the bank holiday weekend for a wedding. Flights at that time were not great and there was no guarantee that we would be able to take our camera equipment as hand luggage which is always our preference, so we drove.. It was a long drive but fun, and when we arrived it was a real sense of achievement to be there…..

Italy – Candy Anthony’s wedding.