London Wedding Photographer: Emanuela and Steven..A stunning wedding at Woburn Abbey

August 7, 2013

As a wedding photographer in London, usually I talk about the couple, telling people who read my blog what these two were like and how their wedding unfolded. But YOU two…I have to talk TO you. Emanuela and Steven. What can I say? What a pleasure to shoot your heart warming wedding day and share in all those really intimate moments that I feel really privileged to have captured.  Seeing your Canadian family join you and celebrate with you was amazing. Being your wedding photographer was not just about shooting the wedding but also making sure you were comfortable with having someone there whom you felt fit into your day and I’m hoping we did.

Working with you has been nothing short of a breath of fresh air. From the moment we met, Emanuela, I knew that you were such an emotional, sensitive woman, and on your day this showed. I’m really lucky to have witnessed this. Your families welcomed us with open arms and not only showed love for you, but appreciation of everything you’d planned and organised.

Your guests sat and eagerly anticipated your vows in  your local church at Woburn and I  even welled up with the the gravity of your ceremony. Arriving at Woburn Abbey for the reception was spectacular. What a beautiful venue to pick and how lovely were those little touches of flowers and games on the grass and table settings….Taking your portraits was a treat against the backdrop of such a great place.

Your dress, the suit, your perfume (and why you wore that brand), the flowers; everything meant something really special and not just because of the way it looked, but because you so carefully chose and thoughtfully picked for your day.

It really was a pleasure. Emanuela you looked stunning and Steve, so dapper. I hope you enjoy your photographs in years to come because you’ll definitely be growing old together. I can tell. x


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