Faye and Manu’s microwedding in Brighton

September 19, 2020

Faye and Manu were married during the relaxed lockdown rules in the UK of 30 people at a wedding reception and only 10 inside a register office.

Manus family were in Argentina and of course couldn’t attend physically, but via weblink in Brighton Town Hall, they managed to see their son marry the beautiful Faye in an intimate, loving ceremony on one of the most perfect days in August 2020.

The wedding ceremony may have been socially distanced but the love was 100 fold. Both the couple and their family were so close and obviously delighted at the bond that these two have. We went to Hove Park for romantic portraits and a stroll, taking in the enormity of the commitment they had just made. Visiting a family member who could not attend on the way back to the reception, they waved from the garden to us wishing congratulations. They returned to the rest of their family and friends bubble back at her sisters house, met with confetti and a cool outside bar, manned by their best friends.

Faye and Manu greeted their loved ones, including a tear-jerking face time conversation during the speeches with Manu’s family in Argentina.

These two did not let the Covid19 situation stop their wedding, or the fact that family were sadly far away; they did it anyway, not just because of their plans, but because they love each other and they were sticking to it all regardless. Like love should be… They love each other against all odds.

A truthfully heart warming day and I feel lucky to have witnessed it.

Much love x


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