Matt and Brigs wedding photography in Brighton..Big Love.

April 18, 2014

A friends wedding

Being the wedding photographer in Brighton at a friends wedding is a funny thing. Amazing to be asked, wonderful to be such a large part of their day and nerve wracking to have so much pressure put on you!! But these two are something different to me. We all stumbled across our friendship some years ago and its grown ever since. They are the emergency contacts on our children’s school papers, the people we would run to in trouble, knowing they would bend over backwards to help. The couple who we know will last.

15 years ago.

When Matt and Brig first met, it was over 15 years ago, when Matt was working as a carpenter on Brigs now eco-house in Brighton; both with children a similar age, there was a moment but it passed swiftly and they both carried on with their lives, raising kids, creating their careers and becoming the wonderful people they are today.

Meeting again at a festival 5 years ago, they started something and it grew slowly and then… Engaged in 2012. Their wedding was held in Brighton and Bevendean where they live, their second ceremony in the local community centre, decorated by friends and family, food supplied by everyone invited; it had a real community feel to the day- Everyone contributing and helping the day happen. Shooting wedding photography in Brighton is always a pleasure, but this was something special.

I can’t express how heartfelt this wedding was to me. Being their wedding photographer was such a moving thing for me to do. I’m a crier at the best of times, but when they said their vows at Brighton registry office (where I was married) and then again at their pagan hand fasting ritual, I was a bit blurry eyed, and even now when I look through their images, it gets me.

They are the type of people you aspire to be like. Loving, warm, open, creative and wholesome. I can hear Matt laughing as he reads this at the idea of him being wholesome! Its true. I see their lives and hope that I can do as good a job as them with their kids and their work. They are our favourite dinner dates, our favourite companions and we love them dearly like family. Wedding photography for my friends? Anytime. You are hand fasted together like no one else Ive seen. Big love you two.



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