Romantic Sussex Elopement photography in Brighton.

October 2, 2020

Part 1. How do you know how to find the perfect romantic elopement location in Sussex? I went to walk the dog up on the Dyke a few months ago. It was the middle of lockdown and it’s our usual walk. Windy, bright and with a clear view of this side of Sussex, I stood there taking a mini video on my phone of the area which I know and love so well. ” I need to do a shoot here”.

Choosing a wedding elopement location has to mean something to you, just like a shoot location for me. It has to strike a chord with you somewhere. I’m always drawn to the Alps; all the images I see of an elopement in the alps I love- so thats going to go straight onto my mood board! It maybe somewhere you met or somewhere you dreamt of going to on your honeymoon. Maybe your wedding has been postponed for now, but you just can’t wait and want to celebrate something now… Whatever the reasoning, it has to be right for you. Choosing the right place for you two to either take your vows or have your elopement photography shot is easy if you go with your instinct. My advice would be to try to have a clear idea of what you want but also realistic. Look at photographs of elopements and start to form an idea of what you want the end goal of your photographs to be. This will help to determine your location. As long as we make sure the elopement feels intimate and romantic.

We decided to shoot this elopement overlooking the south downs from Devil’s Dyke in Brighton. It’s easily accessible and has a car park and a pub to warm up in if you choose to get married in the winter. These two just glowed in the sunset. We timed it perfectly and arrived at 5.30pm ready to shoot at 6pm. We decided to do intimate portraits on the hill top before the sunset then walked into the woods which are close by for a sweet set up and a change of dresses all from vintage shop Hope and Harlequin Bride, in Brighton. Before you start your planning, ask yourselves these questions together one night, with a glass and no one else around….

  1. Are you ready to ditch the big wedding plans? Can you elope and have an amazing party later?
  2. You have somewhere in mind that always moves you when you see it (Alps, Scotland, beach?)
  3. Do you care what everyone else thinks? Do you love each other so much that you just cant wait? x

…. Part 2 soon…..

Make up by Nadia x , Couple- Ali and Dione To request a price list from me, go here


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