Warm, sunny weather always sounds like the perfect condition for a wedding. Especially in the UK. Some use it as a way to show that the bride and groom will be blessed with good “weather” all of their life. Plus all your guests can wear their favourite dresses, hats and enjoy champagne in the sun. But thats not what it’s all about for every wedding.

Sometimes its nice to just embrace the British weather, especially in London where at times it can be grey, but theres just something special about winter in central London. Not only is it a stunning city, but getting married in the winter means that there maybe a chance it might not be as competitive in terms of venues and suppliers. For some, winter maybe when they met and having a winter wedding reminds them of that special time which makes it all the more romantic. Outdoor shots with the Christmassy feeling in London are so special. So don’t count out the Winter Wedding option. Especially when you can’t travel and you have to stay at home. Keep it local. Jane really threw herself into the winter wedding idea and we walked around Berkeley Square and Mayfair for their portraits while their guests cosied up with mulled wine by the open fire. How much more London can you get…?


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