Sam and Elly’s Wedding in Lewes

September 9, 2014

Being asked to shoot Sam and Elly’s wedding, I knew it would be a good one. Not just the dress and all the details but when you’re asked to shoot a wedding for two people who are so obviously meant to be, its a no-brainer. Watching these two all day was such a pleasure. Elly getting ready at their home with her lovely friends supporting her, she was very calm, but then she had a moment of realisation that today it was happening and the emotion was a bit much. So lovely to see a bride so in love with her man.

Arriving at the wedding in Lewes Town Hall  it was one of the hottest days of the year, Mark the best man waiting in the wings ready to greet the bridesmaids and then it was Elly’s turn to walk towards Sam who was waiting patiently for her. The congregation was such a lovely mix of close friends and family, all filled with emotion for Elly and Sam, the couple who everyone knows will be together forever. Jude their son watching close by with Nanny and all the parents, so proud.

Sam and Elly’s reception was in a beautiful setting near Barcombe, Lewes on the edge of a wheat field, the perfect British landscape, a cool breeze arriving as everyone sat to be welcomed by Elly’s father.

The cupcakes, the table decorations, the dress, the shoes, all perfect but nothing beat the feeling that these two radiate. Its like they made a pact a long, long time ago to be the tightest team, best friends and lovely parents to little Jude.

Such a pleasure you two. We all think you’re the sweetest couple x





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