4 Top photography tips for an adventure elopement wedding in Sussex

October 28, 2020

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4 Top Tips for a romantic Elopement shoot

There is something about pairing an adventure with eloping that I love. I’ve always loved hiking and being in stunning locations so when I had the opportunity to take Charlie and Stefans photos before they made their move to another country, we hiked through the woods to take their romantic images in the forest with the natural light from the trees and a warm late summer breeze. We made sure we had all we needed and along with House of Flowers with her amazing styling we made sure these two walked away with wonderful memories of their intimate session.

Here’s a few tips to help plan your adventure elopement with me.

1 – YOUR ELOPEMENT CEREMONY/GUEST LIST. Think about what kind of ceremony you’d like. Check out the legalities for any of the places you’re thinking. Scotland, you can marry anywhere but England and Wales are different. Make sure you check with the local guidelines especially if abroad. Maybe you’d like to have your register office wedding with a few friends and family, then elope for an intimate ceremony up on the hill behind your home or even venture as far as Iceland? Think about what kind of thing you want. Whether you want a hand fasting or a friend to be your officiant. Think about the imagery you want. And who you want in those images. This will help determine your location and work with a “Process of elimination” list.

2. CHOOSE A DREAM ELOPEMENT LOCATION. There’s an amazing array of stunning places to elope to in this world. You are spoilt! Start to be adventurous when planning where you choose for your elopement. Try to choose a place that has a lot of meaning to you both – Somewhere you’ve both been to before (Did you go skiing in the alps as one of your first trips?) somewhere that you love (your parents garden?) or a location you’ve both been dying to go to- Ireland or Fiji!?)  Give it time and make sure you connect to the location together. It will bond you even more.

3 – DATES AND WEATHER. Wherever you’re having your elopement, consider the time of day in that venue/location. Your photographer will naturally start to plan based on the light and will advise you of the best times based on their experience, for example, this shoot was in the late afternoon, not too bright, but we were under the canopy of the forest so I knew exactly how that light would affect the images. Be aware that if you’re hiking with me to Snowdon (Which is amazing by the way) the times of day are very important and the light shifts and changes quickly so make sure you choose carefully based on this aspect as well. If in doubt, ask your photographer.

4 – YOUR OUTFITS AND ACCESSORIES. Most elopements I have shot so far, we have made sure that appropriate shoes are being worn, whatever the dress but brides are now getting adventurous not just about their locations but about their shoes! DM’s, hiking boots and lace up trainers have all been worn this year! We always carry a backpack to help you so don’t worry too much but definitely dress warm with layers over your dress if you are wearing it just to make sure you’re warm between locations if you’ve chosen a few to be shot at (Beach, hill, cliff etc) bear in mind that if it’s a long hike, we will be carrying your clothes, so wrap up warm. We will find somewhere for you to change into your wedding attire if needed. Anything is possible! We always do a recce beforehand. What you receive at the end of it is something you’ll cherish forever so don’t be afraid to be as adventurous as possible with your elopement!

Photography: Momentscaptured Photography
Flowers & Styling: House of Flowers
Dress: Hope and Harlequin Bride
Venue: Devils Dyke Brighton, Sussex


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