I love taking photos of couples, I guess that’s obvious. Nigel and Claire said they’d like their photos taken to document their love, so I took them into the woods in Brighton, with this perfect light, to shoot their intimate moments. They are a beautiful couple inside and out, Nigel being one of my Dads friends from long ago- like family.

Shooting and posing couples comes naturally to me but when a couple comes along who are just so open to me being part of their journey and not afraid to show their love, it makes my job so enjoyable. I’m really making a point of being mindful while I’m shooting, I’m thinking, ‘this is a great job to be outside, with people who are happy.’ I have worked hard but these moments are so worth it. Couples are starting to come to me before they are engaged now to have these shoots done. It only lasts an hour if that, and there’s plenty of amazing places in Sussex for photography on the downs and the woods. Nigel travels to see Claire every weekend. They live about 3 hours away from each other so they take it in turns, but from what I can tell, this is an important relationship. They were so at ease with each other, it was a gift for me to photograph them during these weird times. Also, it’s really easy to socially distance as a photographer! I give them their space; I want them to find moments together that are truly intimate.

Thank you Nigel and Claire for coming to Brighton for this photography session. It was worth it. x


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