Jake and Tash Summer Engagement Shoot Part 1

May 30, 2014

So here she is, our very own Tash on her Engagement shoot! I can’t tell you how exciting it is for me to have my second shooter organising her wedding at last!!! The amount of weddings we have attended over the years together where she and we have dreamt about the ideal wedding for her, the dresses, the shoes, the venues, sometimes and often bringing a tear to our eyes at the reality of  peoples love and knowing and seeing how much Tash wanted that, to be with someone who absolutely loved her unconditionally and completely, someone she could dream with and plan with, someone to hold hands with in her wedding dress. Now finally its happened.

They have the most beautiful love story, which we will save till the wedding day but trust me, this ones going to make you cry! I get goosebumpy already imagining her next year having her day, her family and friends will be so emotional watching her and Jake tie the knot and alongside Tash’s lovely daughter Sophia and their new addition Dixie, its going to be perfect!

Anyway, this is engagement shoot part one, because Tash has requested another location too, so we thought, why not! Make the most of having a mate who’s a photographer!!! So watch this space for the next installment of Tash and Jake…xxTASHENG00018B




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