Beautiful wedding of Clare & Darren at Dunsborough House

August 18, 2021

When I first met Claire and Matt at their home in South West London, I knew straight away that they were perfectly suited for each other. You know when you meet those couples who just seem to bounce off each other, have a great sense of humour between them and a watertight bond to go with it? These are those people. After a few meetings including a fun portrait shoot on the beach in Brighton, the wedding day came upon us. Claire was more nervous than I expected and surrounded by her lovely friends and sisters dressed in coral, she composed herself, and made her way in the bright sunshine to meet Matt.

A typical English countryside wedding, blue skies and lots of confetti, these two were obviously smitten and seemed at their most comfortable once they could stand side by side, which they did for the rest of the day. Retiring to the stunning private home at Dunsborough Park, the guests shaded themselves in the well groomed garden while we went for portraits around the extensive grounds

These two made this london wedding photographer’s hearts swell when they were alone, so perfectly matched they are.

The evening was fun and relaxed, the weather perfect and the air crisp with late summer dusk. Certainly one of our favourites last summer. Congratulations you two x


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